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An X-ray is a kind of electromagnetic wave or radiation that is used for medical imaging. It is a quick and painless procedure that is performed to create various images of the structures within the body, particularly, the bones. An X-ray test is a very effective way to view the bones and can be used to help detect numerous health conditions such as fractures and infections, arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth infection and decay, lung infections, bone or breast cancer, digestive tract abnormalities, and more.

The chest X-ray is the most common type of X-ray test that is usually taken from the back to the front and helps reveal various abnormalities that cannot be detected during a physical examination. It provides an image of the organs and structures within the chest that include the heart, lungs, blood vessels and the muscles below the lungs.

At Imperial Hospitals, we understand the importance of correct diagnosis for a disease or health issue and therefore, offer you both, non-invasive X-ray services and complete care with a human touch for our patients. This includes an extensive consultation with an expert doctor, who helps in spotting the underlying health issues if any. With the use of state of the art facilities and diagnostic equipment, we assure to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment for the same. With branches all across the country, you can be assured that Imperial Hospitals, will be there to help you at every stage in your life, no matter where you go.