Quality Care

Ill or premature new-born babies. Special care and attention is paid to them and all modern facilities are provided for the well-being of infants. We have modern incubators and ventilators to assist babies with breathing difficulties. Besides prematurity and extreme low birth-weight, common diseases cared for in our NICU include asphyxia, major birth defects, sepsis, neonatal jaundice, and infant respiratory distress syndrome due to immaturity of the lungs.

Inclusive Care

Intensive-care nurses at our hospital endure intensive didactic and clinical orientation, in addition to their general nursing knowledge, to provide highly specialized care for critical patients. Their competencies include the administration of high-risk medications, management of high-acuity patients requiring ventilator support, surgical care, and resuscitation, advanced interventions.

Our NICUs are parent-friendly and are staffed by neonatologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, resident physicians and respiratory therapists for all-round care of your little one.


Treatments and Procedures

  • Provide neonatal resuscitation at every delivery
  • Evaluate and provide postnatal care to healthy newborn infants
  • Immunisation services
  • Babies requiring sustained respiratory support
  • Care of babies born to “high risk” mothers
  • Care of premature babies
  • Care of low birth weight babies
  • Care of sick newborn
  • Babies requiring sustained respiratory support