Quality Care

Neonatologists are physicians trained to handle the special health needs of newborns. Those doctors planning a carrier as neonatologist must obtain specialised training through residency and fellowship programme. If a newborn is premature or has a serious illness or injury or birth defect a neonatologist may assist at the time of delivery and in the subsequent care of newborn. If a problem is identified before the baby is born a neonatologist may become involved to consult with an obstetrician in your baby’s care during your pregnancy.

You might be wondering about the difference between a paediatrician and a neonatologist. While a paediatrician is qualified to handle most of your baby’s medical care, a neonatologist specializes in providing care in complex and high-risk situations. The word ‘neonatologist’ breaks down literally to mean ‘the science of the newborn. They work mainly in the special care nurseries or newborn intensive care units of hospitals. In some cases, after a newborn has been discharged from the unit, a neonatologist may provide short-term follow-up care on an outpatient basis.

Procedures & Treatment

Treatments given by neonatologist are:

  • Care to the newborn at a caesarean or other delivery especially having medical problems in the mother or baby that may require medical intervention in the delivery room.
  • Comprehensive management of newborns born premature.
  • Manage newborns with any life-threatening medical problems.
  • Diagnose and manage respiratory distress.
  • Ensure developmental care and proper nutritional supplements for premature babies.

Giving comprehensive care by involving obstetricians, pediatricians, and family physicians.