Infectious Diseases

Quality Care

The Infectious Diseases and Hospital Infection Control Department at Imperial Multispeciality Hospital offers comprehensive evidence-based infection management that encompasses both preventive and therapeutic aspects.

The department, with the aid of the Microbiology team has state of art facilities which focuses on diagnosis, management and prevention of infectious diseases, including Febrile Illness of Unknown Origin (FUO) & critical infections in the ICU. The incorporation of Real Time PCR aids in earlier detection and treatment.


Treatments and Procedures

  • Diagnosis and treatment of severe infections requiring ICU or ward admissions and monitoring the source of infection
  • Infections in immuno-compromised patients
  • Management of fever/pyrexia of unknown origin
  • Chronic infections by rare organisms
  • Management of communicable diseases like tuberculosis, malaria ,dengue, chikungunia, gastroenteritis, cholera and H1N1
  • Monitoring the use of higher antibiotics
  • Travel related infections, treatment and prevention
  • Adult vaccinations including those mandatory for travel and country specific immunization requirements
  • Health care associated infections (HCAI) surveillance and management