CT Scan

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A CT (computerized tomography) scanner is a special kind of X-ray machine. Instead of sending out a single X-ray through your body as with ordinary X-rays, several beams are sent simultaneously from different angles.

The scanner is particularly good at testing for bleeding in the brain, for aneurysms (when the wall of an artery swells up), brain tumors and brain damage. It can also find tumors and abscesses throughout the body and is used to assess types of lung disease.

In addition, the CT scanner is used to look at internal injuries such as a torn kidney, spleen or liver; or bony injury, particularly in the spine. CT scanning can also be used to guide biopsies and therapeutic pain procedures.

Why it's done?

The doctor advises CT-Scan to diagnose multiple medical conditions. Some of these conditions and problems are listed below.

  • Diagnose bone diseases such as fractures and tumors of bone
  • Detect muscular disorders
  • To locate sinus problems in a patient e.g. maxillary sinus and conditions like spondylitis.
  • To point exact locations of blood clots, tumors, excessive fluid and infections
  • To diagnose internal bleeding and internal injuries after any road accident.
  • Monitoring or detection of issues like lung nodules, emphysema, heart diseases, liver masses, cancerous lesions.
  • To guide various procedures like biopsies, in surgeries and radiation therapy.
  • To examine the progress of a treatment
  • To check the bone density and related problems like osteoporosis.
  • To examine normal function and structures of various organs in the body including shoulder, heart, spine, head, abdomen, chest knee etc.