Blood Storage

Quality Care

Imperial Hospital comes with blood bank facilities and services for the patient’s. It is a unit that performs the collection, processing, storage and distribution of human blood or blood products. Blood bank is maintained by a qualified pathologist and technical staff providing 24 hrs of services for the patient’s preoperative, intra operative and post operative needs of blood. It has a vast array of state of the art equipment for its smooth functioning, which include: Deep Freezers which maintain temperatures of -30 C and -80 C, heavy duty Refrigerated Centrifuge for the separation of components at different speeds, Platelet Agitators, Cryobath, Tube Sealers and Blood Collection Monitors. Our blood bank is a cache or bank of blood or blood components, gathered for the purpose of blood donation, stored and preserved for later use in blood transfusion. This includes compatibility testing for transfusion and may include blood donation processing, depending on the capabilities of the facility. Blood Bank at Imperial Hospital is a modern up-to-date facility offering advanced Blood Component Therapy. We also perform testing to determine the blood type of patients and to identify compatible blood products for blood transfusions, along with a battery of tests and treatments to ensure and enhance quality.

Available Blood Components

  • Whole Blood.
  • Packed Red Cells.
  • Platelet Concentrate.
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma.
  • Cryoprecipitate.
  • Granulocyte Concentrate.
  • Single Donor Plasma.

Facilities & Services

  • 24 Hours Service with Advanced Blood Component Separation Unit.
  • Very helpful to patients (in patient and out patients) undergoing surgeries.
  • Advanced micro typing gel technology for Cross matching, Comb’s test, Du testing, Blood grouping.
  • Advanced Fully Automated Elisa Processor & 4th generation kit for ELISA screening test.
  • Imported equipments with German technology.
  • Providing Service to nearby Hospital in case of emergency.