Today did rescue plasty of patient who had come with acute chest pain with hypotension and ECG showing dynamic changes. Echo was suggestive of inferior wall hypokinesia. CAG done showed DVD LAD LCx. Immediately stented LCx first which was uneventful. However while stenting of LAD patient developed severe chest with multiple runs of illsustained VT due to sudden occlusion of LAD after predilation. Unfortunately wire got pulled back and with very difficulty we could rewire the LAD. Meanwhile Amiodarone Tirofiban Noradrenaline was started. With very difficulty wire could cross the lesion in mid LAD as initially it was repeatedly entering false lumen created before the lesion Luckily finished stenting the LAD and patient got stabilised. Procedure successful done by Cardiologist- Dr Chandrakant Upadhyay sir Along with anaesthetic Dr. Bhawesh Seth and Dr. Nilesh Sonawane sir Imperial_multispecialty_Hospital Cath_Lab_team